Hosts Block

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Version 2.1.4
Added - Line count in options, Under Hosts file tab you will see how many entries will be added into the hosts file
Added - Removed comments at update, Found in Options>General Tab.
Added - Msgbox warning if Hosts file is too large, Will alert at 100,000 lines

Version 2.1.1
Bug fix - Issues with licensing system

Version 2.0.6
Added - now when editing the hosts file with in the Hosts Block any new entry's are auto added into Custom entries.
Added -  ability to reorder Hosts file
Added - In Active Protection alert box now shows what entries have been added to the hosts file.
Added - ability to Change backup location
Added - In updates tab in options, Beta testing. This will allow you to test beta builds as I create them for testing.
Added - option to change entries to to
Bug fix - When updating hosts file Hosts Block, Active Protection would alert.
Bug fix - Issue with reordering hosts file and Custom Entries.
Bug fix - fixed issue where localhost wasn't at top of hosts file.
Bug fix - Custom Entries now added correctly.

Version 1.9.8
- Bug Fix - minor issue with updating Showing Changes dialog are now resolved.
- Added - Now when updating hosts file it will tell you if the hosts file has been updated or not during manual updating.

Version 1.9.7
- Bug fix - Fixed issue with "Showing Changes dialog" Updating would erase when updating under certain conditions

Version 1.9.6
- Bug fix - Issue with update alert, Fixed

Version 1.9.5
- Changes - Backend updates to app. Nothing new yet

Version 1.9.4
 - Added - Alert popup when Hosts Block upgrades.
- Changed - Simplified email settings, Now you just enter your email address to send to. That's it.
- Added - buttons to Show changes dialog, Now you can Clear your Added, Removed and Alerts if you like.

Version 1.9.3
-  Added - Find and Remove duplicates in Entries menu
- Added - Auto remove duplicates after updates (in options menu)
- Added - More hosts sources in options.
-Changes - Options windows little more organized.

Version 1.9.1
- Changes - Licensing model is now Open, ie Not tied to your hardware

Version 1.8.9
- Bug fix - Fixed issue with backup and restoring of hosts file

Version 1.8.8
- New - View changes in hosts file, Add entries, Removed entries and Alerts.
- New - Auto backup of hosts file

Version: 1.8.3
- Bug fix - Option to delete desktop icon at program update wasn't working is now fixed. (Reported by users)